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When did enjoying a few glasses of wine turn into a constant internal battle?


Ready to get your relationship with alcohol exactly where you want it?

Welcome to Put It Down Lifestyle!

The 25 Days is an experience that combines neuroscience, meditation, fitness, and connection to carve new neuropathways to make and sustain the changes we want!  Whether your goal is to live a sober lifestyle or you just want to drink less, we've got you covered.


My drinking is out of balance with my otherwise healthy lifestyle.

I don’t want to be labeled an alcoholic, but I know I want to make a change.

My relationship with alcohol is constantly on my mind.


I can’t stop at just one drink anymore. I want to be in control of my drinking again, BUT I FEEL ALL ALONE.


I can stop drinking for periods of time by white-knuckling my way through, feeling irritable, pathetic, and sad, and dreaming of the day when I will drink again.

If you believe your alcohol intake is not in balance with your other healthy habits, raise your hand!

If you said, "Hey, that's me!" to any of these, we get it!   We've been there.

You may have heard the term GRAY AREA DRINKING. Gray area drinking refers to those of us who haven’t hit a rock bottom or lost our homes or family because of drinking. We’re “functional” drinkers. We’re those people who maybe drink every night. We look like we’re functioning adequately during the day, but we’re really not. We’re hungover, tired, and anxious. There’s some cognitive dissonance going on in our heads where we both want to drink but don’t want to drink. We usually regret last night’s drinking the next morning, and we can’t understand why we can’t get control of this one thing in our lives. 

Join Put It Down Lifestyle in the Sober Curious Movement!

Are you curious about the effects of alcohol on your body, mind, and overall well-being? 

Do you want to explore the benefits of not drinking alcohol? 


Do you want to experiment with cutting back or taking a break from drinking? 


Does the term alcoholic make you cringe and maybe even keep you stuck? 


You’re in the right place. 


At Put It Down Lifestyle we take a holistic, integrative, sober curious approach to find the freedom you’re looking for and to get your relationship with alcohol exactly where you want it. 

We embrace curiosity and experimentation rather than judgment or stigmatization. We’ll help you get your edge back with helpful tips and strategies, and without pressure, lectures, or shame. You’ll be empowered to take back control of your life on your terms, finding your own path. We’ll help you create a lifestyle you can be proud of. We want you to be ecstatic by who you see in the mirror! 



How The 25 Days Works

Learn at your own pace or follow along with your Guides. We want to make it easy to take that break you have been talking about! 

We are a playful, quirky bunch who want to make this journey as fun and fulfilling as possible for you. We use a video-chat based support system called Volley populated by a small group of ladies with similar stories and common goals.  These ladies will journey alongside you and be your cheerleaders, accountability partners, and your support. Most ladies who have been through The 25 Days agree video chatting contributes highly to their success -- to be able to talk to each other, see each other’s faces, and to support and be supported is priceless. We believe that connection is key, and a video chat can be a much more intimate connection than faceless forums or texting.

Our course content will reveal truths about alcohol (and about yourself) that you may not have known, which can result in you drinking less (or not at all) without FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Instead, we’ll help you find JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)!


And the best part? Once you sign up for The 25 Days, you’re a member of Put It Down Lifestyle for life. We have special groups throughout the year, like a Holiday group, Dry January, Spring/Lent, just to name a few. So sometimes we go longer than 25 days (at no extra charge), and you can join as many of these groups as you like. It’s your journey, and we honor your path, however that looks for you. We’re big believers in YOU DO YOU, BOO!

Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days Workbook to guide you on your sober journey

The Workbook combines an e-Book and journal. With a fresh design and easy to follow format, The Workbook is a one-stop-shop to learn and reflect. You have the option to print it out or type directly in it using any device.

Not only do you receive The Workbook in PDF format, but we have developed an app-like experience for the woman on the go! On your way to work, making lunch for the kids, not only can you read and watch the material, but you can strap on your ear buds and just listen!

Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days App-Like Sober Curious Experience
Yoga & Workout Instructor Images at Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days where we take a holistic, integrative approach to help you get your relationship with alcohol exactly where you want it.

Taking a break can be hard. We want to make sure you have plenty of distractions, tools, and new healthy habits at your fingertips. We have custom-made mediations, yoga sessions and HIIT workouts to help keep you grounded, focused and moving!

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