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Logo Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days, an interactive experience with like-minded ladies to help you drink less or not at all

Ladies, our next group experience is Sober October which begins October 1, 2024!

Is it time to rethink
your relationship with alcohol?

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When did enjoying a few glasses of wine turn into a constant internal battle?​

It's Time to Get Your Edge Back!

Welcome to Put It Down Lifestyle!

Watch Sarah's AMAZING transformation from Day 1 to Day 1,320 of ALCOHOL FREEDOM!

You are not alone! You can reclaim your power.

Welcome to a journey of empowerment and freedom. At Put It Down Lifestyle, we understand that the relationship with alcohol can be complex. That's why we've designed a program tailored specifically for women like you, seeking to redefine their connection with alcohol and embrace a life of clarity and freedom.


My alcohol consumption is out of balance with my otherwise healthy lifestyle.

I don’t want to be labeled an alcoholic, but I know I want to make a change.

I can’t stop at just one drink anymore. I want to be in control of my drinking again, BUT I FEEL ALL ALONE.


My relationship with alcohol is constantly on my mind.

I can stop drinking for periods of time by white-knuckling my way through, feeling irritable, pathetic, and sad, and dreaming of the day when I will drink again.

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If you said, "Hey, that's me!" to any of these, we get it!   We've been there.

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The 25 Days is an experience for women that combines neuroscience, meditation, fitness, and connection to carve new neuropathways to make and sustain the changes we want in life!  Whether your goal is living a sober lifestyle or you just want to evaluate your relationship with alcohol, we've got you covered.

Join Put It Down Lifestyle in the Sober Curious Movement!

Are you curious about the effects of alcohol on your body, mind, and overall well-being? 

Do you want to explore the benefits of not drinking alcohol? 


Do you want to experiment with cutting back or taking a break from drinking? 


Does the term alcoholic make you cringe and maybe even keep you stuck? 


You’re in the right place. 


At Put It Down Lifestyle we take a holistic, integrative, sober curious approach to find the freedom you’re looking for while realigning your relationship with booze.

We embrace curiosity and experimentation rather than judgment or stigmatization. We’ll help you get your edge back with helpful tips and strategies, and without pressure, lectures, or shame. You’ll be empowered to take back control of your life on your terms, finding your own path. We’ll help you create a lifestyle you can be proud of. We want you to be ecstatic by who you see in the mirror! 



Our course content will reveal truths about alcohol (and about yourself) that you may not have known, which can result in you drinking less (or not at all) without FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Instead, we’ll help you find JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)! Check out this blog post that explains FOMO versus JOMO as it relates to drinking alcohol.

How The 25 Days Works

The Workbook

A Daily Workbook & Journal

A fun and colorful tool that you can print out or enter info using any of your devices.

Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days e-Workbook

You Do You

Self-Paced Learning

Choose how you prefer to learn:  at your own pace or alongside your Guides. We want to make it easy to take that break you've been talking about.

Girl standing on relay race track in power pose in superhero costume

Video-Chat Community

Connection & Community are Key!

We use a video-based support system populated by a small group of ladies with similar stories and common goals.

Woman chatting on her phone

Current & Relevant Content

We Keep Things Fresh & Up To Date

We are constantly updating our website with new info and blog posts, and Sarah is always on the lookout for the most current and relevant info to pass along to the groups.

Hands typing on keyboard

App-Like Experience

On the go? Get all the workbook info online!

Your daily modules are set out in an app-like format on our website. Listen or read. It's your choice.

Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days App-Like Structure on Website

Private Facebook Community

Facebook Community Just for Your Group

Moderated by the Guides, this is a safe place for you to communicate with others in your group.

Put It Down Lifestyle Facebook Page

Weekly Mind, Body & Soul Challenges

Challenges to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Each week you'll have three fun & creative challenges to complete to nuture your Mind, Body & Soul.

Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days Weekly Mind Body & Soul Challenges

Personal Interactions with our Founder, the fabulous Sarah Olsen

Zoom Party, Facebook Lives & Video Chats

Sarah is approachable, fun, insightful, silly, smart, compassionate, down-to-earth, honest, authentic, and passionate about Put It Down Lifestyle.

Put It Down Lifestyle Founder Sarah Olsen jazz hands
Dancing Women With Their Arms in the Air

And the best part?

Once a member of Put it Down Lifestyle, always a Member of Put it Down Lifestyle! We have special groups throughout the year, like a Holiday group, Dry January, Spring/Lent, just to name a few. So sometimes we go longer than 25 days (at no extra charge), and you can join as many of these groups as you like. We respect your unique path and empower you to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol on your terms. It's all about embracing your individuality. YOU DO YOU, BOO!


"Having a community of like minded women go dry helped make this so much easier. This program is so well organized and fun, thank you!!" - A
"It gave me an excuse to stop making excuses about my alcohol use bc I didn't want to disappoint my group" - K
 "It also came at the right time for me. This program was perfect for me... I was ready to fully embrace all that was offered. The information, organization, support and follow through was amazing." - R
"Sarah and the Guides are fun, energetic, professional and absolutely perfect to take this on. I am forever thankful that The 25 Days came into my life." - D
"The material was great and the moderators were positive and upbeat." - K
“I really enjoyed the community of women and the facts/data on alcohol’s impacts on us." - R
“The video messages and topics from the moderators were spot on and fun." - L
"I have done this program a few times. I love how I can keep coming back when I need a tune-up. And it seems different (in a good way) every time." -S
“The live interviews have been great. I loved the one about sober hair and making friends as 'grown ass women.'” - M

At Put It Down Lifestyle, we are more than just a community; we're your spirited companions on this journey towards a healthier, happier you. Picture us as your lively cheerleaders, sprinkling a dash of fun and a pinch of quirkiness into every step you take. We understand that reevaluating your bond with alcohol can feel daunting; but we believe that this wellness journey shouldn't be a dull, daunting path but rather a vibrant adventure filled with laughter and self-discovery.

So let's shake off the weight of expectations and societal norms together, and dive into a world where we rediscover the true essence of living and we realign our relationship with drinking (because who says a sober life can't be fabulous?). We're here to infuse your life with positivity and possibility. Let's swap stories, share giggles, and cheer each other on as we embrace this journey together. Welcome to the Put It Down Lifestyle family—where every moment is a chance to sparkle!

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