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Logo Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days is a fun judgment-free sober curious experience for gray area drinkers
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Click above to meet Sarah, Founder of Put It Down. Passionate, Playful, and Purposeful, she is dedicated to helping other women find their power. 

Find out more about The 25 Days and how we can help you find your freedom from alcohol.

Get to know what Put It Down uses to drive direction and decisions on a regular basis. We take this mission seriously but want to have fun doing it. 

Our Guides are an integral part of The 25 Days. Learn more about them here.

Take the experience of The 25 Days to another level with one-on-one coaching.

See what ladies are saying about The 25 Days!

Meet Sarah Olsen

Four Images of Sarah Olsen, Founder of Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days showing her quirky personality that drives this unique & fun quit drinking program

Meet the many faces of Sarah Olsen! Founder of Put It Down Lifestyle, Sarah is passionate about helping women realize the power within themselves to discover and believe in their true worth.


Sarah has had a successful career as a marketing and sales executive and understands the hard work and challenges it takes to reach our aspirations. Serving as a mentor, Sarah realized she had an extreme interest in learning how our brains are wired and the role our experiences play in shaping our decision-making ability.  She dove headfirst into books and resources to learn and grow in this field and ultimately obtained her Life Coaching Certificate from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology in 2021.


Sarah has always been an advocate of health and wellness and believes that being truly "fit" is much more than our nutrition and activity level.  She approaches fitness with a holistic approach by incorporating stimulation for the mind, body, and soul.  


"So many of us strive to be healthy for reasons that do not truly align with our journey. Are we working out to live longer or to look younger? Not that there is anything wrong with trying to look younger, I just believe it needs to be something you want not something you perceive society to want."

In 2018 Sarah started training to become a Reiki Practitioner.  She has achieved licenses at the Reiki Level I, Level II, and Reiki Master Teacher levels. She is qualified to perform in-person and distance energy work and attunements through the use of Ki (universal energy). Reiki is known to reduce emotional blockages (stress, anxiety) and promote relaxation and clarity. It also can have physical healing properties. 

Sarah is also a certified Zumba Instructor, has her AAFA Group Fitness certification, and is a kickboxing coach at local gyms (don't be surprised if you see some punches in her HIIT workouts). 

She is a mom to a teenage girl and wife to her soulmate whom she found later in life. 

" I am in my early 40s I feel like I have already lived so many different lives. I am so excited about the chapter I am in now. Not only do I know my worth, I BELIEVE it. And I want to help other women find that worth in themselves too. We deserve it."

Why the name Put It Down?

Check out the video on our Free Resources page. It explains why Sarah named her baby Put It Down!

Core Values
Put it Down Lifestyle Core Values

Our Core Values are what we stand by at Put It Down Lifestyle. They drive our purpose and direction. They will help create a framework and keep us aligned. They will remind us at the end of the day we want to make an impact, no matter what the size, and that is what is important. 


We respect your boundaries as well as our own. We honor your journey and how you decide to get there. This isn’t about perfection. It’s about progress. And when we stop the shame-game, we start making progress. Put It Down is a no-judgment zone. We don’t judge because we’ve been there. Hell, we’re still there. We get it.


We are not boring. We laugh at ourselves, and we appreciate the lighter moments of life. We want to have fun, and we want you to have fun. Sarah has developed Mind Body Soul challenges each week to keep things light and playful. Our Guides are smart and funny and will keep you on your toes.


We strive to learn and challenge ourselves every day through all channels of info, including our members. We want you to be curious about your feelings. We want you to feel free to experiment and report back your findings to the group. We encourage you to be curious.


We work hard. We play hard. We hustle. We will always challenge the status quo and think outside the box. We are powerful women – never powerless. We know we hold all the power over alcohol. We are educating ourselves to the truth. We are pioneers against culturally accepted norms. We are forging a new path. And on our way, we may stumble. But it’s not about perfection. It’s about getting up and moving forward. When we step out of our comfort zone, we step into magic!


We are authentically aligned to helping people get their relationship with alcohol where they want it. We believe connection is key. Being vulnerable and showing our imperfections is courageous, and in vulnerability we find true authenticity.

Our Action Plan

Our Acton Plan
Put it Down Lifestyle The 25 Days arrow logo. Let's put down the alcohol for 25 days and see how fun & fabulous a sober lifestyle can be!

Put It Down Lifestyle

The 25 Days combines brain science, connection, wellness, and reflection so you can regain your power and control over alcohol.  You’ll learn effective strategies to handle cravings and triggers, so that alcohol loses significance in your life. Our founder, Sarah Olsen, is a verified science nerd, so our program contains the most recent psychological and scientific findings. When you learn these facts, you can’t unlearn them (sorry Yoda), so you’ll be able to manage your alcohol intake without fear of failure, punishment, lectures, shame, or judgment.

You have the power to get alcohol exactly where you want it.

Take back your power. You can live free and be happy! You are not alone!

Do you want to improve your overall physical and mental health, have more energy and focus so you can be more present for your family and friends?


Do you want to improve your communication with loved ones?

Do you want to be more self-aware, improve self-esteem and self-worth?

If you said yes to any of these, you are not alone. We hear you. These are just a few benefits you may see when you put down alcohol for 25 days.

We'll help you find your freedom when you stop drinking or drink less for 25 days & we'll have sober fun in the process!

We can help you find the freedom you've been searching for!

Freedom from alcohol without labeling yourself an alcoholic. Freedom from hangovers and self-loathing. Freedom from the cognitive dissonance of your conscious mind wanting to drink less and your subconscious mind believing the advertising bullshit and putting alcohol on a pedestal.

Our material and workbook will make you think hard and dig deep to figure out what it is you truly want from life, and we’ll help you set goals to get there. We want to help you build a life that truly makes you happy.

Put it Down Lifestyle is part of the Sober Curious Movement encouraging you to dig deep & be mindful in your relationship with alcohol without the alcoholic label.

The Sober Curious Evolution

Put It Down Lifestyle is part of the counter-cultural Sober Curious Movement that encourages you to question your relationship with alcohol without being labeled an alcoholic and to embrace a more mindful approach to drinking. We emphasize taking a break from alcohol, either reducing or refraining completely from alcohol consumption to promote a healthier, more conscious lifestyle.

Our goal in this movement is to reduce the stigma surrounding sobriety and to help you reflect on your own personal relationship with alcohol. There is a shift in attitude going on right now towards drinking. Alcohol is not seen as a necessary aspect of socializing like it has been in the past. This is an exciting time as we forge this new path.

Put It Down Lifestyle Guides to assist you on your alcohol-free journey.

Our Guides

Our Guides

When you join Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days you’ll be invited to join a video-chat group with other ladies engaging in The 25 Days. We place two of our amazing Guides in each group. These ladies are sober curious, just like you, have been through The 25 Days experience, and have been alcohol-free for a while. They are in the groups not to police or judge, but to assist and cheer. They consider themselves as sisters on the same path as you, just a little bit farther along that freedom trail.



Are you ready to take your self-improvement journey to the next level? Our certified life coaches offer one-on-one 50-minute coaching sessions focusing on your personal development. We’ll help you define your goals and identify your challenges. We’ll make sure you have a strategy in place, and we’ll follow up with you to see how you are progressing. Click here to sign up.


"Having a community of like minded women go dry helped make this so much easier. This program is so well organized and fun, thank you!!" - A
"It gave me an excuse to stop making excuses about my alcohol use bc I didn't want to disappoint my group" - K
 "It also came at the right time for me. This program was perfect for me... I was ready to fully embrace all that was offered. The information, organization, support and follow through was amazing." - R
"Sarah and the Guides are fun, energetic, professional and absolutely perfect to take this on. I am forever thankful that The 25 Days came into my life." - D
"The material was great and the moderators were positive and upbeat." - K
“I really enjoyed the community of women and the facts/data on alcohol’s impacts on us." - R
“The video messages and topics from the moderators were spot on and fun." - L
"I have done this program a few times. I love how I can keep coming back when I need a tune-up. And it seems different (in a good way) every time." -S
“The live interviews have been great. I loved the one about sober hair and making friends as 'grown ass women.'” - M
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