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Logo Put It Down Lifestyle The 25 Days program helps you get your relationship with alcohol exactly where you want it in your life without judgment or shame.

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What Makes Put It Down Lifestyle Different From Other Programs?

We live in a world where the allure of alcohol often dominates social gatherings and personal experiences. Facts. This can prove to make life a little tricky to navigate for those of us who are choosing to try out an alcohol-free lifestyle. Finding a community that embraces an alcohol-free lifestyle with open arms can be a game-changer. Enter Put It Down Lifestyle – a place for any woman with any reason to get the support they need to get their relationship with alcohol exactly where they want it…and have fun while doing it.

Any Reason

What sets Put It Down Lifestyle apart is its unwavering commitment to YOU. Whether you're fully committed to living alcohol-free, seeking moderation, here for a cleanse, or simply looking to learn more, you're welcomed with open arms. The community acknowledges that everyone’s journey is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach to a fulfilling lifestyle change. We want you to find your power to accomplish whatever it is you are searching for. Put It Down is a safe space to do this.

Fun-Focused Community

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My biggest truth when I started on this journey is that I would not have fun if I was not drinking. It took me some time to relearn that fun did not require liquid courage. Because of this, central to the Put It Down Lifestyle ethos is the belief that embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle shouldn't equate to sacrificing fun. Unlike other programs, Put It Down Lifestyle fosters a vibrant community that thrives on authentic joy and laughter. From challenges to community groups and even a few in-person meet-ups, Put It Down’s core value is to be playful. This lends itself to giving us grace and perspective as we navigate these sometimes difficult moments.

Driving Healthy Habits

Recognizing that true growth occurs beyond the realm of alcohol-related discussions, Put It Down Lifestyle incorporates a myriad of activities to challenge and inspire its members. Mind/Body/Soul challenges provide opportunities for personal growth, while community groups like the sugar and book clubs offer avenues for exploration and connection. Bingo nights and step challenges encourage members to embrace life's small pleasures and rediscover the joys of everyday living. Non-alcohol related activities to help us develop those healthy habits, with no additional charges – because fun shouldn't come with a price tag.



In an ideal world, Put It Down Lifestyle would be accessible to all without financial barriers. While the reality necessitates a one-time membership fee, the community strives to make its resources as accessible as possible. Members gain unlimited access to a wealth of content, including the repeatable "The 25 Days" program, ensuring that support and guidance are always within reach. Additionally, the Alum Chums video group offers a space for continued connection and celebration, free from the constraints of alcohol-centric discussions.

Leadership Immersion

What truly sets Put It Down Lifestyle apart is the genuine involvement of its leaders in the community. Rather than occupying a distant pedestal, the individuals behind the movement – including myself and our wonderful Guides – are deeply immersed in the experience alongside their fellow members. We are committed to ongoing personal growth ourselves, and what better way to do that than to be an active participant in the community?

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In a world where societal norms often dictate the role of alcohol in social interactions and personal experiences, Put It Down Lifestyle stands as a beacon of possibility. Through its commitment to your reasons, fun-focused community, diverse engagement opportunities, accessibility, and leadership immersion, it offers a unique and empowering path to an alcohol-free lifestyle. By embracing the Put It Down Lifestyle, individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and authentic living, guided by a supportive community that celebrates every step of the way.

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