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Happy Yew Near

Updated: May 11

Sparkling fireworks lighting up the night sky in a dazzling display of celebration and joy.

"HAPPY YEW NEAR! I mean, NAPPY YEW DEAR! Let me try again...YAPPY HEW NEAR! Dangit!

HAP-PEEEE...NEWWWW...YEEEEAR!" Finally, I got it!

That was me a few years ago attempting to wish you a Happy New Year. Whether I was with a group of friends or I celebrated alone, one thing was for sure: I was imbibing. A lot!


So, how do I spend my New Year’s Eve now?  I have options, but there is one thing I know for sure: I will be spending it without the company of alcohol. And I am so grateful for that! No matter if I am spending time with friends or watching the lighted ball fall at Times Square in New York City, it will be MY decision. It's not alcohol's decision.

It is so freeing to know that I can turn down invitations if I decide the event is not in my best interest. Or, and this is a great option, oftentimes, I will decide to go to a party but leave early.

If I'm asked to be a designated driver, no problem! However, my "no problem" is not unconditional. Before I say, "Sure, but only if you agree to leave when I'm ready, which likely will be early and before things get crazy," I have a knowing feeling that my compadres are going to find another way home. And almost always, they do, which is okay.

I'm not that person anymore who can endure hours at an event long after I'm ready to leave. I don't enjoy it when people become sloppy in the haze of alcohol. You know what I mean? I used to be that person, and that is just not who I am anymore. So I am happy to give rides to my friends in need, but not at the expense of the new me!


My point is it’s taken me over three years to come to this realization that I am free to choose and do what I want to do…not what others want to have me do for them.  So yes, I certainly can help out after your surgery, bring you soup when you’re sick, or even drive you to the doctor, because I am a good friend, and I want to help you out just as I would want your help in similar circumstances. But there’s a clear line in the sand now for me.  No worrying about what people will think, no guilt about how they will get home if I don’t go, no uncomfortable rides home with people whose fun does not align with mine.


I’ve had more genuine fun and celebratory events in my life in three years without alcohol than I have had in a lifetime!


So, what's your plan as you contemplate Auld Lang Syne and the ball at Times Square dropping to count down to the New Year?  Will you be like the previous version of me who said yes to things that did not serve you? OR will you choose freedom and make decisions that are authentically aligned with you and your purpose? I encourage you to be thoughtful and plan ahead. 


Here’s to 2024, everyone!!

Gold 2024 balloons, gold sparkles and fireworks celebrate the new year!

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