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What a CRICK!

Updated: May 11

Woman feeling neck pain while vibrant electrical impulses symbolize discomfort.
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What a CRICK of…!!

This morning I woke up with a crick in my neck…probably due to an upper body workout this time …

But wow, did it bring back memories!! I used to have this problem a LOT more. Once a week even. It kind of came with the territory of drinking in the evenings until I passed out. And when a body passes out instead of falls asleep, it literally stays in one spot for hours! How many mornings did I get up unable to turn my head? How many times did I wake up with a limb completely asleep and have to shake it awake … and in the process shake me awake too because of all the tingling and burning that comes with it? What a CRICK!!!!

Serenely minimalistic white bedroom with neatly stacked pillows on a pristine bed.

Yesterday was “pillow” day. I have the bestest pillows in the world. They are 100% Hungarian eider, and I absolutely love them. So pillow day for me is when I change pillowcases (which also comes with changing the sheets on my bed in case you were wondering), take off the pillow covers/protectors, put the pillows in the dryer to fluff and wash the rest. Well, guess what I’ve noticed over the past 2+ years? No drool lines! I mean, we used to think drinking and falling asleep was so romantic when we shared that experience with that special someone, right?? Drool?!! Good grief!!! Can any of you relate to this? And someone, please explain to me how all that liquid can pool on my pillow, and yet I have the driest cottonmouth ever the next morning? I guess alcohol causes all the saliva to literally leak out of my mouth? YUCK!!!

I know. I know. TMI! But also true, so I’m putting it out there. I don’t miss those mornings at all.

So my head only turns one way this morning, but it has been a rare occurrence for me these days. And always due to overexertion of some type instead of passing out with my head at an odd angle.

Yes, I am loving these sober days! It’s nice to know that a hot pack, CBD balm, and anti-inflammatory will take care of this in no time. BECAUSE my body is not full of toxic waste from alcohol and is better able to adapt and heal.

Empowering self-care graphic with diverse women embracing wellness, from reading to yoga, under a loving heart.

So today I am listening to my body and doing some self-care. Life does not have to be a pain in the neck for me anymore! What are you doing for yourself today? Reading, meditation, working out, running, walking, bicycling, golf, tennis, yoga, and stretching are regular aspects of my life now. Wow. Sounds busy, but I definitely don’t participate in all these activities at one time. My regular habits are reading, walking, and stretching. If you are still working, check out ways to grab some mindfulness and calm during your business day. Take notice of those days when you overdo it. Does your body seem to bounce back quicker with less soreness and stiffness than when you were drinking?

In any event, your body THANKS you for not pouring alcohol in it. Which is turned into ethanol, causes our bodies to produce acetaldehyde, which is related to formaldehyde. And don’t forget about alcohol causing us to produce dynorphins, which are the polar opposite of endorphins. It’s why humans + alcohol = ANXIETY.

So do what you can today to limit what your body has to cope with and you will never regret it. Not one time.

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